At an early age, I gravitated toward various forms of creative expression and ultimately immersed myself in visual storytelling––specifically  video,  photo,  and  design.

As a kid, I made year-in-review videos for my classmates, athletic teams, and their families. Their responses to the memories I had collected and sewn together unveiled the power of video and its ability to affect diverse audiences. Discovering this early on enabled me to explore many roles and genres, such as writing, producing, shooting, editing, fictional filmmaking, documentary filmmaking, music videos, promotional content, and so on.

I began my collegiate studies in Film & TV Production at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Making the switch to the University of Miami enabled me to continue studying Motion Pictures, while also diversifying my skill sets with minors in Electronic Media, Marketing, and Music Business & The Entertainment Industry.  

It’s been a decade since I first found my passion and I’m still creating visual content that strives to evoke emotion and influence viewers, primarily within music and live events. While I love and appreciate cinema, I recognize the constantly changing  consumption of media. More so than ever, consumers crave concise, unique, and memorable content, and my goal is to join those creating it.